Manuel Saiz

Manuel Saiz started working as an artist in the 1980’s in Spain, creating paintings, sculptures, photography and installations. He has been showing regularly since then in public and commercial galleries worldwide

In 1989 he showed a group of installations at the Sao Paulo Biennale and in 1990 he took part in Artificial Nature curated by Jeffrey Deitch at the Deste Foundation in Athens.

In 1998 he moved to London where he produced Video Hacking, a work that received an honourable mention in Hamburger Short Film Festival. In 2005 he produced Specialized technicians Required: Being Luis Porcar, which was shown widely and got the first Prize in the Winterthur Kurtztfilm Festival and a special mention at Transmediale 06.

His installations have been shown in Intercommunication Center (Tokyo), Transmediale (Berlin), Whitechappel gallery (London), ICA (London), among other international venues.

He has curated artist projects as Art Summer University (Tate Modern London), Communicating Vessels (Hara Museum Tokyo), 25hrs (El Raval Barcelona) or videoDictionary (multiple venues), involving internationally known media artists.

In 2009 he had a 9 months fellowship at the Spanish Academy in Rome. He has published several books, as 101 Excuses. How Art Legitimizes Itself (2009), A Colossal Blog (2010), Train Time Zeit Zug (2012) and True Art Lovers 101 Key Ideas (2013).